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Qiao Ji Mandarin offers Mandarin after-school language study for students at the following SFUSD locations: Dianne Feinstein Elementary (5 days a week/Friday), Sunset Elementary, Lafayette Elementary, and Aptos Middle School four days a week, one hour a day, Monday through Thursday and Monday through Friday depending on the site.  We also offer a program at Lycée Francais.  Our goal is to provide an excellent academic language program in a fun and nurturing environment.  Qiao Ji offers a comprehensive six-year K-5 international Mandarin program.


Language is a learned skill and the Qiao Ji Mandarin program incorporates Chinese philosophy, arts and culture-based learning.  Under our program, Students learn approximately 120 Chinese words/characters each year.  The course material is 美洲华语 –American Chinese.  The program material is equivalent to the SFUSD Chinese immersion programs and as well independent school Chinese instructional materials.  We have developed  supplemental instructional classes to enrich student interests in language learning through Chinese arts and crafts, singing and dancing, cooking and more.


The Qiao Ji Mandarin program teaches simplified form Chinese writing.  The People's Republic of China uses the simplified written form today. The simplified form was developed in 1949 by the Chinese government to improve mass literacy.  For the rest of the world, including San Francisco, the traditional Chinese form is still used.


By applying practical everyday learning skills, our students can easily recognize characters on restaurant menus, street shop signs, and basic newspaper articles here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  At the end of the six-year K-5 program, each child will have a life-time Mandarin language foundation that will carry them though the rest of their lives.


Give us a call:

1-415-533-8477 Jane Kwok, Administrator

1-415-680-5465 Wei Wei Rapoport, Director

Email us at: info@qiaojimandarin.com

Find us at: https://www.qiaojimandarin.com/






语言能力是通过训练得来的。桥济语言学校的教育方针综合文化和历史以及哲学理念,付诸于学生动手的实践性的模拟体验,加强智力的发展。每位小学生每年都必须掌握120个生字的基础。从读写听说四个语言教育的角度综合性地教育。我们的中文课程与所有目前美国教育界中文语言教育的基本理论结合使用“美洲华语” 教材, 同时根据我们课堂的需要,补充和发展桥济中文语言教育自己的教育理念教材,让三藩市本土居民学生得到最大限度的语言学习体验。我们喜欢以手工,歌舞和烹调之类的情景性体验使学生们得到最大限度的机会体验不同语言的表达思维逻辑。


桥济学校的中文书写系统现在为简体中文书写。在自觉与不自觉的每天都有的语言环境下,学生们能够在社会环境中去适应三藩市多元文化的需求,诸如到饭馆点菜,识别街上招牌,读懂报纸之类的文化享受。中文书写分繁体中文和简体中文, 繁体中文主要在台湾,香港, 新加坡,马来西亚等国家使用。 简体中文是在1949年后,中华人民共和国成立后因扫盲运动需要的文字改革而出现的书写体系。



教务:Jane Kwok 415-533-8477

校长:刘薇 415-680-5465





Give us a call:




Our Policy


Parents and/or guardians are responsible for ensuring that their children do not disrupt the ability of other children to learn, or take too much time from the teachers who must pay equal attention to all students.


While the program is tailored to make reasonable accommodations for students with learning difficulties, the program cannot provide one-on-one individualized supervision.


Extended care is not provided, however parents are encouraged to contact with in your child's class for a pick up in the event of an emergency with prior authorization.


Please provide work, home and mobile phone numbers so that we can contact you.


Qiao Ji teachers will make sure taking students back to the after school site teachers or coordinators after class is finished.

Call Us: 415-533-8477  /  415-680-5465  /  info@qiaojimandarin.com   /  2567 22nd Ave. San Francisco, CA 94116

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