QiaoJi Mandarin After School Fall 2020 Online Program 桥济中文 2020秋季线上课后班


QiaoJiMandarin after school program has been serving the San Francisco neighborhoods for over a decade, since the COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place order was implemented. We are the only structured daily curriculum supporting daily needs of San Francisco elementary and middle school students' families. We hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer and that you are staying safe during this COVID crisis. As you know, our students' and teachers' health and safety are our number one priority. Based on current conditions in the Bay Area, and now that California has decided to remain on-line this fall, our QiaoJiMandarin also plans on continuing with our on-line teaching format as well. For all our school info, Please go to our school website: www.QiaoJiMandarin.com

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旧金山湾区桥济中文桥济中文语言课后教育,服务旧金山湾区社区十年有余,自新冠肺炎片 及全球,旧金山市政府宣布正式社交隔离免疫保障措施之初,我校是唯 一为社区学生家庭提供每天线上教育的学校,在此享受家庭暑假生活之 非常时期,我们祝愿社区各位生体健康和安全。当下加州宣布下学年所 有校区安排网络教育的规定后,我们的中文课后班语言教育将继续在线 上进行,不限校址。 请到桥济中文学校网页上查看相关信息。